About us


To provide to each user a quick, practical, healthy, safe and costworthy mean of public transport under the slogan: "Sit and ride!" To actively participate in the bicycle infrastructure development Croatia and to encourage people to use the bikes for everyday purposes and improve their health and well being of all citizens and tourists visiting Zagreb.


To become the best public bike sharing system as a solid base for economical and eco-friendly sustainable mobility in Croatia.


To become the adequate intermodal part of the existing public transport system, to ensure a sufficient number of bikes for our users, to encourage everyone for an eco-friendly ride which is healthy and fun, reduces the number of cars in the streets, solves parking and other traffic problems and has a positive impact on the environment. Our long term goal is to develop the organized network of bike sharing locations on every step in Croatia in order to be as close to all of our potential users.


We are introducing numerous benefits in scope of public interest, enriching local tourist offer, rising the image of Croatian cities to the next level at the time of Croatia's entrance into the EU, we are enabling the opening of new jobs in our domain, but also some other connected branches of industry.

We offer customer and consultation services to our users. We are helping our users to overcome the usual bicycle parking problems and are releiving them from servicing the bikes. We guarantee for the technical equipment and roadworthy condition of all of our bikes.

The whole public bike sharing idea came to life as a solution to the problems bothering the citizens of all Croatian cities. Packed trams and buses during rush hours, time consuming waiting at tram or bus stations, extremely high fuel prices, lack of parking space, air pollution as well as weigth problems that occur nowadays when people do not have time to take care about their health.