In order to rent a bike, it is mandatory to register and to activate your nextbike account.

You can register by completing the form on www.nextbike.hr or via mobile application or directly on the nextbike terminal. 

Nextbike account activation requires a valid credit or debit card on which there is a minimum amount necessary for activation listed in the price list.

Valid credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, Diners and American Express. As of debit card Visa Electron.

It is not possible to pay by check for now, due to the security issues and record procedure.

In order to activate your account you need to pay 79kn which is onetime payment only. It is a nextbike loan and can be fully spent on cycling. At the moment of activating your account, you are automatically using "STANDARD package" which includes 30 minutes of free riding per day. If you exceed these 30 minutes, each additional hour is 8kn whereby you reduce nextbike loan from the initial 79kn. It is also possible to activate the "NEXTBIKE option" for 20kn / month, which enables more favorable rent. Nextbike option includes 30 minutes free riding per ride and if you exceed 30 min, each additional hour costs 4kn.

Login in to www.nextbike.hr with your mobile phone number and PIN and request a change in option under the Change option and nextbike card or simply send a request to info(at)nextbike.hr or call the call center on +385 1 777 6534.

The duration of your lease in a day adds up. You can make several shorter rentals or one 30 minutes rental, depending on how you prefer and using a bike within this first 30 min in a day will be free of charge. After you spend free 30 minutes per day, each additional hour costs 8KN and depending on driving length it reduces your nextbike credit.

Nextbike official stations are located at twelve locations: King Tomislav Square, Petrinjska street, Gundulićeva street, Eugen Kvaternik Square, Technical Museum , National and University Library, Dormitory Stjepan Radić, shopping center Point Vrbani III, Avenue Mall, bistro RougeMarin Segečica, Maksimir, Green Gold Radnička street.

Send us your request for new PIN on our email info(at)nextbike.hr or call the call center on +385 1 777 6534. We will send you a new PIN by email or by SMS on your mobile phone.

Every nextbike user has the right to rent up to two bikes per one account. For group rentals (more than three bikes at once) please send your request on our email info(at)nextbike.hr or call our call center on +385 1 777 6534.

Nextbike services are available to adults (over 18 years older). Persons under the age of 18 are permitted to use our services only if they are accompanied by an adult who rented bicycle. In this case, an adult person is responsible for a minor.

Log in to www.nextbike.hr with your mobile phone number and PIN on your nextbike account where you have an access to your riding history, bike numbers you rented and your account balance; you can also activate tariffs or order a nextbike card.

Log in to www.nextbike.hr with your mobile phone number and PIN and ask for nextbike user card under ”Change option and nextbike card” or simply send an email to info(at)nextbike.hr

Yes, there is nextbike official mobile application for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

While returning the bike, it is important to place the bike into the rack properly. If electromagnetic lock successfully locks the bike, return will be automatically recorded in the system and there is no need to do a return on the terminal. If you want to verify that you have successfully returned the bike, you can visit the www.nextbike.hr and log in on your account or through a mobile application or call the call center on +385 1 777 6534.

If it there are no available racks on the terminal, you need to lock your bike with a mechanical lock for the nearest nextbike bike that is locked in the rack. After that t is necessary to return the bike manually on the terminal or via application or by calling the telephone answering machine +385 1 777 6534.

Nextbike system will not allow you to rent a bike which has malfunction detected and is not valid for use. As long as our servicer reviews the bike and confirms that bike is ready to use, bike will not be available for rent. Our customers always have only fully functional bikes offered.

Our mission is to provide fast rent and valid and safe bike. If you notice that something is wrong with the bike or terminal, please report an issue either through the terminal, mobile application or call center so we can remedy the problem as soon as possible. Reporting an issue is free of charge.